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I'm Davide Mannozzi, I'm from Rome. I'm a musician.


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Why do u keep deleting the Eagles setlist from Glasgow last year???????????????

You are continuing to alter setlist like the one below despite being warned by long-time Users and myself. I am blocking your edits until you reply on my timeline and I am convinced this will not continue.

Please do not alter shows you have no knowledge of such as The Eagles at the Shrine Mosque in Springfield, MO, Dec. 1973. You are simply wrong with your edit!

Hi, I found you have added a show of Eagles on 8 September 1979.
Unfortunately, the source you referred is wrong.
Originally, they had planned 4 shows in Tokyo at Nippon Budokan on 25-28 June 1979.
But, they postponed these dates to 17, 18, 19, and 25 September 1979, due to the delay of their recordings of The Long Run album. It was simple slide of dates. No additional show happened on any date including 8 September.
So, I have reverted your edits relating this.

What bootleg do you have for eagles giants stadium 1994?

Please do not change any more setlists for shows you did not attend without providing source. We also don't really need "assumed " setlists, especially for major artists.




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manndav saw 2 different artists.