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We've been to a couple of the same shows over the years. You're a rocker! How was ABC earlier this month? It was on my calendar but personal commitments took precedence. How is the DesPlaines Theater as a venue?
Who knows when we might cross paths again. I have tix for just 4 shows between now and March of '23... Sacred Rose (2 out of 3), a night at the Vic in Sept and Eric Johnson next year. What's on your agenda?

hi there! i was wondering if you had anything at all from mariah careys chicago/rosemont show in 1993?

By any chance do have a recording of the Steely Dan Las Vegas 2000 show? I am a major collector and have a large trade list.

hi - sorry to bother you! would you happen to have any pics, photos or videos from the Mariah Carey concerts you went to at Rosemont in 1993 and Miami in 2006?

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