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Hello, I came here from your post about the Aurora 2017 Elizabeth Murdoch Hall concert. I was wondering if you had any videos or a recording from it? It was the first concert I ever attended and Aurora is my favourite singer, but I never recorded it. I also saw her in 2019 and this year, both of which I recorded the audio and listen to frequently. If you have any videos or any audio, please email me or reply to this message. Thanks for reading. email -

Hello. I saw you attended the Alicia Keys concert in Birmingham. I'm trying to complete the setlist. I believe the setlist is missing a few songs. Do you remember was Dead End Road played between Fallin' and Superwoman? Was Gypsy Woman performed after In Common? In other concerts, Like You'll Never See Me Again is the first song of the encore and Diary was played after Show Me Love. Also The Beginning (interlude) came from tape after LALA.

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