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That's awesome, thanks for your response. Rock on!


Was The Metal Shop band you saw a funny 80's cover band from LA? Or were they an East Coast metal band? The Metal Shop band listed at is from LA and eventually developed original music and became "Steel Panther"

Hey man. We're talkin' Megadeth 13/05/2000 Los Angeles, CA Sports Arena. Didn't they close for some sort of movie prop weird hair band? I ended up with a t-shirt that said living the life. I remember a titty contest and a costume contest. Do you recall?

At the close of it all Dave Mustaine mentioned a after party. Does this ring any bells.

I'm trying to track down a show I went to. My mind is so fast I don't remember much. I paid $5 for the concert ticket, traveled from San Diego with a $20 friend ride free Greyhound ticket. I got to LA and had to fight off crackheads begging for change all the to the damn show..

At the end of it all me and my buddy were almost stuck on the street for the night because the buses weren't running at that hour of closing

Luckily we got rescued with a ride from some girl I happen to bump into. The guy she was with was not very happy at all that he had to take some random dudes back All the way to back to San Diego I had met her earlier in the year down in San Diego at a Roger Waters show who showed me her titties.

Ok, thanks so much for the info!

Hello. Did Helmet only do 15 songs last night? Thanks!

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