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Hello @mlgunderson! I just saw your forum post and put some hints to help you during the "Bug problems" on the website for the last few days. A lot of us have had the same problem, and the admins and mods are working on it. Check my reply in the forum, and there are a few hints to help make sure your edits are really there. Fingers crossed they'll have this take care of soon!!

Matt, I was sure glad to see the Purdue Exponent source you shared for the Blue Oyster Cult show at Purdue. For years, I have been searching for details of the Harvey Mandel concert in September 1978 that my roommate and I went to at (I thought it was Nick's, but now I've discovered it was Madman's Mustache at the time of the show). My roommate, Bob Knotek was on the staff at the Exponent at the time and wrote a concert review. I shot photographs and took the unprocessed film to the Exponent office so that they could include some pictures with the story. I think this is actually the 1st time I have seen the photos I took that night. I'm glad at least 2 were worthy of inclusion.
You can see that newspaper story here
and I added an entry on Setlist.FM here

Bill Taber


Set up an account on the site

Then editing > Add Artist

Gets you to

Fill out what you can

Sort name is artist name

Disambiguation is brief explanation of artist

External can include official site, Facebook, instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, artist YouTube page

Dates, relationships not necessary

Click at bottom

***Important that you wait 2 hours or longer before adding artist to, otherwise can be locked out for weeks

To add to setlist

Go to the active artist page on musicbrainz

Click in details

Copy the entire MIDB number

Go to

Paste the MBID

Click & it should give you the option to add a setlist

Good luck!


I don’t know the reason why.

Hello mlgunderson,
This will help you. If not, you can ask me more specific about your point. : )

When you click on the song, there is a link about album assignment. As a roadie, you can assign it via the link. It then takes time for the assignment to show up in the system

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