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Hello, I noticed that you uploaded this KOHH setlist, although you did not attend the concert:

Could you share your source for the setlist? Another website has a slightly different setlist, so we are trying to determine which one is correct:

For example: this band has so many difficult tour names, often with just one concert. There is no need to create a separate tour for a 'final' show either, just put them all under the same tour to keep things clear for everyone, unless there is proof that a show does have a different name. But please remember that one concert is NOT a tour.

Please go easy on creating tour names for Japanese bands. Tours consist out of multiple concerts, not just one and tour names should be clear. Please read the guidelines regarding what is considered a good tourname and what not:

Please edit Dragon Ash gig in Fukuoka on 9 December 2018.
I have fixed "Close date" of Zepp Fukuoka. Thank you. :-)

I have corrected wrong open year of Mescalin Drive. Thank you.

Thanks for cleaning up wrong venue "SALON KITTY, Matsuya, Japan". :-)

Hi there. How do you know each and every Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas?

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