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Cheers for the reply. Like I mentioned, he recorded a newer version of Pulaski at Night, titled it 'Pulaski' on the album art and played that newer version at the show. Because of this, the newer title seems like the appropriate choice for the setlist to me, but I've nothing more to go on. The show setlist he used said 'Pulaski' but was using abbreviations throughout so it's not useful in this case.

I would change it back to 'Pulaski' but I think it will only get changed back again from somebody doing casual title cleanups and who didn't pick up on these comments. Perhaps the best compromise is if I add an info note on after it.

Hi musicguy. Not sure the correction to the recent Andrew Bird setlist was right. I see you changed 'saints preservus' back - I guess that was a mistake. But regarding "Pulaski":

On the new album this is now titled 'Pulaski' as a bonus track, and not the longer version you changed it to, which was the title on a previous album. As he was promoting the new album and played the version from the new album I felt the title should reflect that version.