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Same applies for all the setlists you edited without any proof.

Well it may be only a setlist. But if you put fake setlist without any proof they mess up the statistics. So could you provide any source for
Again moderators reserve the right to revert any setlist which lack any proof.
If you filled all these up, there must be some source, or are you just making them up?
Do not assume a tour has always the same setlist.

Do not assume all the setlist for but provide some sources so these can be verified. Moderators reserve the right to revert any setlist which lack any proof.

Yeah, I've been to so many concerts, I don't remember them all. The list on the site is just part of it. I went to a lot of club shows and GA shows where you did not get a ticket and those are the hardest ones to remember because even though I might recall the band, I'm unsure of the date or venue or both.
I wish I had kept a diary or calendar for all my concerts. That would be my advice to you - keep a diary or calendar.

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