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Hi. Adding ">" creates a new song. It becomes part of the song title and affects song statistics as well as the album assignment in the chart below the setlist.

This performance was the night before the official festival. We have 15 attendees. Please be careful when asking for setlists with multiple attendees to be deleted. And we would rather have a few questionable setlists here than deleting all of them. When asking for deletions of major artists that aren't obvious fakes some research should be done or the question should be posted on a forum.

It seems that you added incorrect but "logical" songs to a preexisting "setlist" that was created by an attendee so you shouldn't have reported it to be merged/deleted. What you should have done is edit the changes you made yourself. You could have used the handy revert setlist tool that appears for each edit made or you could have manually removed each song. This may take some practice and reading the Guidelines in detail but you should learn these skills if you plan on doing more edits. The other option would be to post your problem on the forum or ask a Moderator for help...Thanks for spending to my query so quickly

I don't understand why you are asking to merge this setlist into an earlier setlist by the same artist. Can you explain to me what your rationale for this would be by clicking on my name and posting on my page?

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