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Please use exact location or venue for the Oug'Rock festival following the guidelines at

Please use exact location or venue for the festival FĂȘtes de Wallonie you created following the guidelines at

May I remind you of the first comment by ExecutiveChimp to post sources for ANY show you did not attend.

I don't know!
Perhabs someone answers who have seen the Band.

Maybe your source is wrong. I don't know.
Some people have marked the Typ o Negative Gigs, that they were there!
Are all wrong?
No setlists are deleted, if someone was there.

Hi. Why do you overwrite the Type o Negative Gigs 1993 with Tiamat 1994?
Please let me know.

Thank You

Hi. Just to let you know that the Powerman 5000 European shows you put up for 2007 had been cancelled and rescheduled. Just thought you should know.

Thank you. The source should be posted on the setlist page though. Not my profile. Make sure you post a link for ANY show that you did not attend. It makes it much easier to compare information for cancelled shows/mistakes.

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