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Hey! Do you by chance have any audio recording of Tom Morello at the Fillmore in 2019? I was there and would love a copy if so. I can be reached by adding to my username. Thanks!

Hey I would put a comment in the forum and ask the mods. to make a determination on these Metallica shows.
Then ask them to lock them.

Hi nuraman00,
sorry for the late response. The studio (Third Company) that developed the intro film named it 'The End'. I think that was in 2015.
More details below in the links:

The intro film has nothing in common with the docu, it only shows a worldEND-similar senario :)

Best regards

Hi, I updated the 2/28/2018 Gogol Bordello list at your suggestion, based on their printed set list which I was lucky enough to score a copy of.


Sorry on the delay, I recognized a few more, but can't recall the order. I can add some in which I know definitely were played!


I was at Cracker/CVB on 12/30.. Cracker's seems to be off. Explample I don't believe "I hate my generation" was played. Were you there/have a question?

Hey - re: Filter in SF, I'm going off the setlist I wrote down on the night, and I remember them coming out for the encore and launching into Welcome To The Fold, and finishing on a song I didn't know as well (which turned out to be Dose). Are you sure about reversing that order?

Thanks. I was just concerned because it was such a big change.

Didn't Cornell say something about Mother Love Bone though during the show? If he didn't play a cover by them, then what did he say?

ive corrected it. i based it off the bootleg im listening, i have the order and songs correct at this point....

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