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This is a community in which everybody should share their knowledge. Everybody living in Montreal is not the whole world.
And instead of changing all those venues one by one you could post your problem to the forum Problems with Venues https://www.setlist.fm/forum/setlistfm/website-support/problems-with-venues-3bd6bc4c

Please takeinto account

It is mandatory to add sources to all of your edits. Not only can your edit be verified for other users, it can also avoid unnecessary discussions and save a lot of time.

Be sure to explain why you edited the setlist. Don't explain what you've edited as this is obvious to the viewer. For example "added a song" is not a valid source. Examples for valid sources are (among others):
•Links to official websites (e.g. artists posting their setlists on their websites)
•Links to social media channels (e.g. fans posting images of the setlist)
•Links to setlist scans
•Links to videos of the concert
•"I was there" - if you were at the concert and remember the song being played

Please do not change an existing confirmed concert to a different date. Create a new setlist for the show you want add.

Please choose the correct Vincent Lopez next time

I've seen you've written some songstitles in French in the wrong way
Titles of non-English songs are written with small letters (except for first word and proper nouns)
As far as capitalisation is concerned: Whenever in doubt, the capitalisation standards from musicbrainz.org apply.

If you would have ticked the box Use setlist.fm's autocorrection to resolve typos, missing covers etc. (recommended) you would have noticed that songtitles in non-English are with small letters except for first word.
Now I had to make all those corrections.
Please pay attention in the future.

Ticket stubs and flyers are how the bands are advertised... not albums.

No, even on the solo albums it was the same band members from Mahogany Rush. Those dates should be listed as 'Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush' and you shouldn't be making changes unless you are showing proof. A link to his discography doesn't show anything about the concerts.

This a CONCERT website, not an ALBUM website. We use the name of the band as advertised at the time of the concert. It doesn't matter if Frank Marino was releasing albums under his own name. His concerts were advertised as 'Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush'. Here's an example from 1986:


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