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Hi Paddy,

According to the website, the Eastbourne show in May was one of the warm-up shows and not part of the Ballad of Darren tour, which started on 1 June. When I clicked on Tour Stats for TBOD it says that For Tomorrow has only been performed once (I.e. last night.)

Hope you enjoyed the gig. I'm seeing them tonight. Can't wait, this will be my first time!

Hi Paddy,
Looks as if we’ll have to agree to disagree if we ever meet up we can share photos ( evidence) oh yes also a Hold Steady fan, unfortunately I’ve already got a gig booked on the Friday and I’m and got family stuff over the weekend!
No doubt it will be a great show as usual, enjoy!

Hi Paddy,
I see you’ve changed the Hinds venue back to the Edge. I think you may have mixed gigs up as I was also there ( Hinds fan) and was on the barrier that night. I got the photos / Video of them and Sports team as support? It was the night Carlotta came over the barrier and danced the the crowd! I’m not worried re changing venue again, just thought I’d let you know I was also there and not just making a random change, more importantly, great to see you enjoy your live music!

Hi, I see you’ve seen Headswim, stills fan…If you’re on Facebook and aren’t already, there’s a Headswim F’kers group. Most of the band are on there and Clovis is sharing never before seen videos and excerpts from his diary including loads of tour info!

Hello Paddy Can you remove your upload James Brown live wembley London on Monday 21 april 1986 , because thats false ..James brown played on monday 21 april 1986 at voorst nationaal /forest national in Brussel belgium i was at this show , still having my original ticket , Jb at wembley was on friday 18+saturday 19 april 1986 , still having the original poster from these 2 gigs .. Thanks Dutchsoulman / JB fan since

That's a good spot Paddy - I see it highlights the ones I was at in your list. Not so many in recent years, but quite a few as you journey back! Yes, I think I get updates for gigs I added to Setlist. I went through my old list of gigs (including the support acts I was able to note down) and put them all up on here. Quite an interesting archive, and I've noticed a lot of updates by others as well since lockdown began - must be keeping people busy! I'm missing the Wedge already, but hoping to go and see the excellent Bdrmm, scheduled for 27 Oct - let's hope it's reopened by then (although it'll be hard to keep 2 metres apart, for sure)!

I think I saw you'd been to an Arab Strap gig or two - my favourite band. Did you see the massive archive of live and rare recordings they released a couple of weeks ago? Some fantastic stuff there at

You might be interested in my monthly show on - an internet station inspired by John Peel. Just an hour from me in May (, but there's a cracking two hour June show coming up with tonnes of music all released in the last four months. Past tracklistings and links to all shows hear on-demand at Mixcloud are at - may be some stuff in there you enjoy!

Take care, and hope you get to some more gigs in 2020!

Hey Paddy have seen lots of setlist updates you've made in recent days to many of the gigs I've been to in Portsmouth over the years - many thanks, fascinating to read! We must have been to so many of these at the same time without knowing!

You may have left the Steely Dan show early last night because "The Untouchables" instrumental was definitely performed by the band after "Reelin' in the years"

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