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Hi I do have a screenshot of the review of The Jam at Afan Lido in 1982 but I don't think they can be posted on here. Let me know how if you know otherwise.If you want to add That's Entertainment it probably was between Town Called Malice and Precious.

Thank you for replying! I really appreciate it! :) Have a good one!

Hi Allenz, the only other songs I can remember them doing are She's So High, There's No Other Way & Sing - I know they did others from the first album but can't remember which ones now. Cheers!

Hey there! I see that you were at this Blur show in 1992! This setlist is incomplete, and I was wondering if you happened to remember any of the songs that the band played at this show? If so, please get back to me so I can fill the setlist out. Thank you! :)

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