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Hi there, did you tape any of the Blondie gigs you attended?
paxorraesh @ gmail com


How about putting in a complaint to a Moderator like "ExecutiveChimp" about this idiot "tranbrian997" who is clearly adding in obscure songs to concerts it did not attend.

On one concert, it has made 17 changes, and there was even a pic of the printed set list!

I think it's a bit of a power trip, as the changes are now almost 600 in a few months.

What a loser.

Please help to remove this fool.


The Pledge Of Allegiance Tour 2001 that you attended in California, do you have any info on what songs or stunts that Rammstein did or even video, audio or photos? Any info would be great.

Hey Rgg2112

Just wanted to thank you for posting this! I videoed this show and was having trouble with some of the titles when editing. This really helped! You can find the videos on Youtube by searching "Rival Sons - Echo" I will be posting more up over the next few days. Thanks again!


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