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Name Riley Burgess

follow my band on instagram, @northbournetheband, for instant success and world peace


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I did a manual refresh for you. I believe it's correct now.

That is the name of the tour is not a valid source.
Please be more careful when editing setlists
Hi there,
I noticed you mentioned just what you did setlists to bypass the mandatory edit comment feature.
"Be sure to explain why you edited the setlist. Don't explain what you've edited as this is obvious to the viewer." is a wiki-effort, and it is important for us all to be as transparent and clear as possible in sharing information. To ensure that edits are verified for other users, and to avoid unnecessary discussions and save a lot of time in the future, edit comments have been made mandatory for all users.
Please ensure that you share informative comment with future edits, so that everybody understands where you received the information you're contributing.

Trying to be funny on my profile page by posting your nonsense sentence, may not be a good idea after all.

Hi rileyburgess,
I have corrected your 2 setlists of Clown tour in Japan.
Please avoid selecting venue you regard similar, if you are not sure of that. In such case, for example, select “Unknown Venue, Osaka, Japan”, “Unknown Venue, Tokyo, Japan” or “Unknown Venue, Unknown City, Japan”, so that someone can check the setlists later if he/she can specify the venues.
You are encouraged to add the source to your edits, even if it is stated in the language you don’t speak.
It is common that someone on this global site understands the language.


Some people complain about your renaming the recent Red Hot Chili Peppers tour.
It's not because you like it to be called World tour 2019, so all concerts from all over the world fall under the same name. This is a site build by the community for the community.

I only see one Grass Is Greener festival listed. What's the issue?

Fixed now. Thanks for reporting!

It wasn't Rapture of the Deep Tour.
It wasn't announced as such and they played only 3 songs from that album.

That's correct. They toured with The Vines and Jet. It was the "Aussie [band] Invasion [of the USA]".