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En nog steeds maak je dezelfde fout door op je eigen profielpagina te antwoorden zodat de kans bestaat dat het antwoord nooit gezien wordt.
Patronaat alsook enkele Belgische zalen zijn we ook mee bezig, bedankt.

Another try to make you work :)
Zie dat je enkele concerten in Paradiso bijwoonde. Aangezien deze opgesplitst dienen te worden naar Paradiso Grote Zaal, Paradiso Kleine Zaal, Paradiso Kelder, Paradiso Elevator... zou je deze kunnen aanpassen indien je het je nog herinnert?

Thanks for ignoring messages to follow rules.

I'm also wondering how you ended up creating the venue Reggae Sundance Festival (which didn't exist because all the enties come from you) while you pretend not being able to create the venue Genneperparken.

This is a community site in which the uploader should use the correct information.
It's the moderators responsability to warn users when they do something wrong and to prevent them from continuing.
If you think the information which you added years ago shouldn't be corrected, that's your opinion.
Sometimes a festival is held at different venues over the years, if you continue to use the festival name as venue, you're acting wrong.
If a festival is being held at different places during the same year. False information again.
If the venue isn't listed yet, you could add it following the guidelines at and then link this venue to the festival.
It is your responsibility to learn something and not spread wrong information about putting festival names as venues.
That's why it's usefull to link sources when adding setlists.

Please use the exact location for ALL the Reggae Sundance Festival setlist you uploaded following the guidelines at

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