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Hey man, I added Joe Popp and Sugarspoon setlists for Livestock VI (1996)
if you want to update that you attended.
I've finally figured out how to use musicbranz.
Happy Holidays. Dr. AL

Do you think there is any chance that they played two nights or that the show was postponed a day? A Google search turns up just about as many websites that give My 5 as give May 6. And these are pretty reliable websites. I can't access Tampa area newspapers for 1994 right now to doublecheck.

I remember that Saturday was such a crazy long day, so nobody wanted to get up Sunday morning. I really wanted to see Drivin and Cryin, so I made my buddy Chris walk up to the venue with me. Somebody was playing as we walked up, but I don't remember who. Just remember seeing DNC "open" for Satch...

Hey man. Can you help me out? Do you have any info on Livestock VI?
I remember Satriani played that Sunday.
I went to Livestock V and VII, both days.
However, Livestock VI, I only went on Saturday.
I am trying to fill in the holes in my setlist.fm wiki; it's driving me nuts!
The Sunday shows usually only had about 6 bands or so on them.
Any info would help? Best, Dr. AL-

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