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Hi Scardwel, how are you?
Are you going tonight to the Mission concert?
Best Regards

Hi! I saw that you went to Peter Gabriel's show in Sheffield in 2004. Did you happen to take any photos/videos from that show? There are two reasons why am I looking for it:
1. It's the only show from Still Growing Up tour which included "Washing of the Water"
2. It contains rare performance of "Baby Man" (which was performed only 9 times)

If you don't have any photos/videos, that's alright, but please let me know, so I'll search further :)


Since you attended one or more concerts, could you change the location to the exact venue, not use the festival name for the festival and link them to the festival following the guidelines &

Hi scardwel, thank you so much for sharing with me. You rock. Best regards.

There were more concerts at the Hyde Park Unity Day festival which you still haven't updated.


If you remember the setlist for you surely remember the exact location. So please update this.
BTW also read since some songtitles are not written according to the guidelines here.

Please use exact location or venue following the guidelines at