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Hi there. I am trying to figure out the true artist for this setlist that you added:

It certainly wasn't the real Byrds, probably wasn't The Byrds featuring Michael Clarke (that tribute band doesn't seem to have started till the late 80's), but might have been The Byrds 20th Anniversary Celebration, or Gene Clark's Byrds tribute band. I looked at your source, but unfortunately it now leads to the 2023 version of the magazine, and I can't figure out how to see the 1986 info. Is there any way you can show the 1986 version or another source?

Hello, if you have any Elton John concert ticket for sale, please tell me ! as I collect all of them, old and new... thanks ! Laurent.
Bonjour, juste une petite relance, si vous avez des tickets de concerts d'Elton John a vendre, je les collectionne... merci par avance, Laurent.

Hello, I am doing a project about the rock artists that performed in Benidorm (Spain), during the sixties and seventies. I would appreciate any kind of information about the performances of Slade, Birth Control or Johnny Otis, here in Benidorm. Thanks.

Elton John played five consecutive evenings at Palais Omniport Bercy (Paris) in late March 1989. I wonder which one I attended. He collapsed on the stage for a couple of minutes. Davey Johnstone came to the microphone and told us calmly (in broken French I believe) that it was very very hot and that Elton John would be back soon. And then Elton sprung back to life and resumed his set.

Love the Gentle Giant Face! I'm writting as I will be adding tracks to the Barclay James Harvest Paris, France Feb. 1st 1980. I have the venue listed as "Pavillion Baptard" in Paris. The venue say's someting else right now. The tape I have is from a French Radio Broadcast.

Since you were the one who changed Captain Bobby Stout to a "Kindred" cover on my setlist, which has now metastasized as the default version on

The song was written by Lane Tietgen, who was a member of The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood, so The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood is the original artist. Same goes for "Martha's Madman", which still has as a MMEB original.

Hi Shivermetimbres,
You created this concert: . In 2015 I put another Joe Cocker concert on the same date and afterwards you changed the date of your entry from Nov, 12th 1989 to Nov, 13th 1989. Do you have any source for that change?

I think it is more likely, that Joe Cocker played two concerts, on Nov. 12, one in Berlin and one in Danmark. On Nov, 9th the Wall in Berlin came down and a concert was organized for the following Sunday. Joe Cocker and is 9 band members wanted to take part and they were flew in on costs of a sponsor. After his performance in the early afternoon he was escorted by the police to the Wall and then immediately to the airport to fly to Aarhus, Denmark, to continue his tour. I listened to the Berlin concert on the radio. The details are in wikipedia ( ). These were very special days in Europe. I think your first entry was right and your correction was wrong...
Best regards,

Since October 27, 1995 the venue Melkweg in Amsterdam has two main rooms/halls. What was previously known as the Melkweg's main hall, was renamed Oude Zaal (old room) or OZ as it is called nowadays:
On the mentioned date a larger hall opened under the name The Max (nowadays
just Max):
Would you be able as uploader to change the venue for the Kaizers Orchestra setlist from just Melkweg to the correct hall?

I see you have made an edit to my Setlist for Bryan Ferry at The Symphony Hall 29th April 2018. There was no break between A Waste Land and Windswept so the songs should not be shown separately!

Thanks for fixing Bennie and the Jets, I realize now I've gone my whole life spelling it wrong

Hi! Please check this setlist:

I am inclined to agree with him that Bo Diddley did not play on that date since I cannot find any factual proof of it but I wanted you to take a look at it before deleting it. Thanks!

Saw that you link to a list of Rush dates that includes the date for the first US gig, North Side Drive In Lansing MI, The New York Dolls were the headliners (replacing a no show by Dr. John). Terribly managed show as I recall, some surly crowd members who were not impressed with the replacement for Dr. John and virtually no one had heard of Rush at the time, they liked their music though.

Thanks for the citation for this:
But this date is a Monday, not a Saturday. Also, no record of this him appearing on SNL that season:

Perhaps it was a different program?

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