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I'm a very gentle hippie and I'm open to hearing from other people, if I made an edit that either confused you or want to know more information about don't hesitate to talk to me as I'm a really nice guy

I'm also a roadie for a couple acts that I won't say at the moment as both acts are trying to get a tour started.

I'm your voluntary compromise guru


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Hey there,
regarding the reverting you did for "In The Round" I did put a source, did you see it?

First it would have helped a lot to put a link about what setlist you're talking.
The last month you edited 887 setlists
The last 3 days still 79

So you were talking about
for which you used a source
In that source the tour is named 'In the Round Tour'. Furthermore you tell as a source capitalisation while you write the naming as 'In The Round Tour' with a capital T
While the guidelines for grammar only talk about songtitles, you didn't use the way it was written on your source, neither did you use the guidelines for grammar applied here.

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