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I'm a very gentle hippie and I'm open to hearing from other people, if I made an edit that either confused you or want to know more information about don't hesitate to talk to me as I'm a really nice guy

I'm also a roadie for a couple acts that I won't say at the moment as both acts are trying to get a tour started.

I was a roadie on for about 20 minutes and it was the happiest 20 minutes, and then it went away and I'm sad again (just when I was learning the ropes)

I also may have dyslexia

I'm your voluntary compromise guru


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Gotcha. Just keep in mind that unless we’re dealing with a very new release, if you see cases where a song isn’t assigned to the album it’s on, the problem is almost always that the spelling/punctuation/capitalization doesn’t match Musicbrainz. You can just Google ‘(artist name) Musicbrainz’ and look at the list of albums in that artist’s profile. If the spelling doesn’t match, you can either fix the songs yourself (if there aren’t too many) or if there are dozens or hundreds, then just fix one of them, using the Musicbrainz page as the source, and then report the rest of the misspelled songs as duplicates, again using the Musicbrainz album page as your source.

The assignment requests really should be used mostly for misassignment cases… like if it’s assigned to a compilation instead of the album it originally came out on.

Hi there. I've noticed that a lot of the assignment requests you've been making lately involve songs that are spelled, punctuated or capitalized different on Musicbrainz. We really shouldn't be assigning these songs, because it increases the chance that we'll get multiple versions of the same songs in the system.

Before assigning, please check Musicbrainz and see whether the way the song is spelled/capitalized matches. If not, the best thing to do is to change the spelling/capitalization/punctuation on the setlists yourself, and then they should be automatically assigned to the album within a few days. This will save time and help ensure that we don't get the same song written in multiple ways in our system.

Hey hey! I wanted to THANK YOU for recommending Imgur as a site to provide links for setllist photos, concert posters, etc to another user. I hadn't heard of it before, but it looks pretty cool. If there is EVER ANYTHING I can help you with on here, please let me know!!

When you find social media videos of one or two songs performed by an artist and add to an empty setlist, please include an Info note at the bottom "setlist incomplete" or "setlist may be incomplete". Otherwise, it looks like the band only performed 1 song (which isn't usually the case for headliners or openers at most shows.)
For example:


Please stop reverting edits because an “attendee” had his edit changed. Let a Roadie or Moderator do that unless you are personally pretty sure what the setlists should be

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