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I saw you noted that this was the last ever concert for the B-52s. That is not true. They are not touring anymore but are open to doing one-off shows and have several dates scheduled for Vegas this year as a residency.

I see other setlists on this tour have an encore, but I'm not sure what those looked like - this show was significantly different from the rest of the tour, it was entirely acoustic with a smaller band and had a notably different setlist.

Hello, is there a specific reason you changed the Lucy Dacus set to mark the second set as an encore? I may not be familiar with conventions, but Lucy didn't leave stage or even have a significant break in the performance - the other band members just left the stage, she said she was gonna play some new songs, and then proceeded on. It didn't seem like an encore to me.

Thanks for responding to my request. I am pretty sure that there were two encores and this review seems to confirm that. Maybe your tape omitted the first encore

Hi, thanks for the info. I'm with that group as well. Let's ask, I don't like conflicting data! ;)


Where did you get this setlist from? I have a tape that says it was recorded in Rochester, NY, and has a different setlist (some songs unknown to me):
Father Time


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