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Three years on and it's still 'Artist Not Found' for your setlists. All Artist Not Found from before 2023 will soon be deleted. The clock is ticking so let me know if you added more info soon or they will disappear

A Roadie had questions about the Tgguitarguy setlists that you posted. None of them have sources and there is no Musicbrainz listing for the artist. I think I vaguely remember seeing on the forum that these were deleted at one time. I suggest that you add info to Musicbrainz or they could get zapped again

In order to avoid mistakes, the thing you should do is to never assign a song yourself. Check the original band to see how they call the song and copy-paste it.

I decided to call Sloop John B a traditional song for no particular reason at all. I just did it for fun because i felt like it.

All the setlists have been corrected. There shouldn't be any more problems. You may have already seen that when you enter The Wired Band in the artist field one of the choices will say School of Rock group which is obviously the one you will select.

Is your band the one that would say School of Rock Performance Group?

None of the SOAR setlists will be deleted from this website. That has been taken care of. Musicbrainz is a separate site. But our site can only add setlists for artists listed there. As for the Wired Band I am not sure what you mean. It may be in the process of being listed. I will try to remember to check after midnight, if not I will tomorrow.

I'm not an expert on how Musicbrainz works. I know there is a time lag between when you enter anything and the change actually shows up. I went into the SOAR page too and unchecked the dissolved box. I am afraid that when multiple changes are made on the same issue it messes up the Musicbrainz inner workings. Let's stay away from it for a while and see what happens. The SOAR setlists will be unaffected. After a few days check again if the changes have occurred and let me know. If the SOAR page still shows the band being dissolved leave it and tell me. Then I'll uncheck it and leave a note and it should work. Again it may take a day or two. If the Wired Band doesn't take you should try again but only one time. We'll get this straightened out eventually.

The changes on Musicbrainz can take a few days to work so the Wired Band may suddenly appear at some point. The problem with SOAR should be over now. There are often issues with multiple bands with the same name. The same band can get two different listings, internet searches are inefficient, etc. Little things like a phony dissolved date can mess things up. Hopefully everything gets resolved in the end. And feel free to contact me if you are having any other problems with SOAR setlists.

Also, I think the setlists you entered for The Wired Band are for the wrong group. The setlist is for a 1980s band. If that is the band you want let me know. If not you will have to enter the correct band on Musicbrainz and I can change the band name. I don't want to delete those setlists you put the time into getting right but if they are the wrong band I will have to because they will mess up the statistics for the 1980s band. And if you could respond on my page by clicking on my name next to the badge I would appreciate it. That way I will get notified when you do.

@bendobrin Yeah...the band still exists, and all those shows definitely happened....I'll have to go back and see what I can remember from those shows. Thanks for letting me know..

There was a mistake made. On your Musicbrainz page it said that the band disbanded at a future date. This type of thing usually indicates that the band is fake. Some setlists got deleted before any verification that the band was real could be made. Our mistake and I am sorry that it happened. Hopefully you still have records of those shows and can reenter them as unfortunately once they are deleted they are gone. If you are the one who entered the phony end date for the band I think you should change it although I doubt that any deletions would happen again as there is now more info on SOAR on the web.

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