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that is ok, thank you for getting back to me! :)

Hi! Sorry -- I was definitely there, but also distinctly remember getting in fairly late. I have no recollection of Menomena, I'm afraid.

hi! i saw that you had tagged the May 4, 2005 Gang of Four concert at the Fillmore as one that you attended. I was wondering if you also happened to catch Menomena's opening set as well? if so, do you possibly remember any of the songs they played? one of their setlists a few days later during the Gang of Four tour was seven songs and opened with this song "Strongest Man in the World"

and closed with "The Monkey's Back"

they also played "Oahu" in the middle of the set

the setlist from this show is likely the same if not extremely similar!
i'm certain most of the songs were off their debut album. Cough Coughing and Twenty Cell Revolt I would be surprised if they were not played

please get back to me if you remember anything! thank you for reading and have a great day :)

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