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Hey Reiziger99,
yes, you're right. I forgot 'Christmas Around Me' because it's not on their setlist.
It was the first song of the first encore. I will correct the list!
Another source
Thank you! And best regards to the Netherlands....

Hey Tottenham, thx for adding to setlist of Common Linnets. Great show, wasn't it?!
I do miss the X-mas song in ur list: do u remember if it was the first song of the first encore? Or the last before the first encore?

Thanks, Iwy. Well, you're right, sooner or later they all came to Hamburg (except Madonna and U2... ;)).
I'm looking forward to see old Macca again in Oslo this year in July.
But you've got also an impressive list of concerts... above all the early Pink Floyd and Isle of Wight gigs! Cheers and keep on rockin'!

I enjoyed reading through all of the concerts you have been to, including the eight with Paul McCartney. I am impressed. Everybody seems to come to Hamburg.

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