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I created the Seattle band, need to wait another couple of hours before importing them.
At the moment when adding a setlist with Beatniks as group, there's 15 possibilities, all with the description underneath. And yes the Norwegian group is the first in the list, so you probably choose this one.
Problem will be when batch editing these 'Norwegian' group into the Seattle one the Norwegian won't exist anymore. So these need to be changed one by one.
So it will take me as much time as you, and since you committed the error it's better you change it.

I was wondering why you added a lot of Beatniks concerts in Seattle for a Norwegian 60s group, when you should have created a new entry on musicbrainz for the Seattle equivalent.

Thanks for adding the review as comment, slipped through the cracks. cheers.

I wonder if you can give me any info on the "Cardiff University Great Hall 2". I cant find anything on the internet at all. The Great Hall has plenty but not GH2.

After creating artists on musicbrainz, I experienced to wait certainly three hours at the minimum before trying to import it. If you try earlier, it might take up to two weeks or longer before one succeeds. Nothing can be done about it.

Before adding any shows, especially in Europe, verify the event goes through. In Belgium everything has been closed even bars and restaurants until April 3. So it's not because they're still advertised somewhere they still take place.

YEah I'm not sure about that 91 show at the motor sports. The years get a little fuzzy. I think I was searching for their shows a few years ago and it rang a bell but wasn't clear on the year.

Thanks for taking care of that so quickly! It's funny that they're both Seattle bands. Anyway, cheers!

Hi there ---- You added a couple of shows by a band called Sashay (two shows at Gorilla Gardens in 85). However, it looks like you cited the wrong band by that name. The MusicBrainz ID you used is assigned to a newer band with the same name. Would you mind if those setlists were deleted, since they correspond to the wrong band?

Thanks for the link of the poster from the HD show. Just wanted to mention, I'm a mod of that group, and if you haven't already joined it, please feel free to. We're very new, but we're trying to be a treasure-trove of PNW music info, so hopefully it will be a great resource.

Thanks for your reply, and I agree that it's a good idea to ask the other person who has marked himself as an attendee. I'd say that I'm about 99% certain that MLB didn't play, but it's not completely impossible.

You might find the thread below informative and also historically interesting, as some of the musicians and attendees comment on it. Kurt and Kim are the Fastbacks members who confirm that that band didn't play, though Kurt did play as a member of the Young Fresh Fellows.

Anyway, sorry that I'm kind of geeky about these kinds of things, but that was one of the best concerts of my life!

I'm asking because I have a list of old Posies concerts from the dear23 group and it wasn't listed.

Hey there! I see that you were at this Red Hot Chili Peppers show in 1996! This setlist is incomplete, and I was wondering if you happened to remember any more of the songs that the band played at this show? If so, please get back to me so I can fill the setlist out. Thank you! :)

Thanks, found them now :)

Follow this page to add a venue:

Don't use British county names in your search for city - the system doesn't recognise them. Instead, use "[city] uk", and you should find what you are looking for - I found both Box and Bath with this method :)

Hey there, here's a guide on how to add an artist to the database:
Let me know if you have any problems.

The Fix Magazine review
"Stand-out tracks – and those which elicited the most enthusiastic audience response – were inevitably the faster-paced songs, although new track “Bullet Girl” is a beautifully simple acoustic number where Butler keeps his voice low and mournful. 2010’s “Don’t Wanna See Your Face” is strongly reminiscent of the punky, pared-down guitars and percussion of the Chilli Peppers’ early-90s hit album “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” – though this is a folky, softer, updated version that retains the foot-tapping energy of that rockier style. “Peaches and Cream” saw Butler deploying some scat-style jazzy vocal harmonising, which is surely evidence of a confident musician at work. The night’s highlight, “Ocean”, performed impeccably, was spellbinding in its entirety.

Encore numbers were well-judged outings for a lively new track from ‘Flesh and Blood’ called “Livin in the City”, a grungily upbeat number with a catchy guitar riff and refrain. The Trio finished off with successful 2006 single “Funky Tonight” and its appropriately anthemic guitar and drums intro. The track shows off the musical versatility of the group very well, segueing through drum and guitar solos to build to a crescendo, the audience showing their appreciation by clapping and singing along wildly. All in all, a very lively and engaging band who deserve to have wider popular recognition for their catchy tunes and musical prowess."

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