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Hey there! I see that you were at this Red Hot Chili Peppers show in 1996! This setlist is incomplete, and I was wondering if you happened to remember any more of the songs that the band played at this show? If so, please get back to me so I can fill the setlist out. Thank you! :)

Thanks, found them now :)

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The Fix Magazine review
"Stand-out tracks – and those which elicited the most enthusiastic audience response – were inevitably the faster-paced songs, although new track “Bullet Girl” is a beautifully simple acoustic number where Butler keeps his voice low and mournful. 2010’s “Don’t Wanna See Your Face” is strongly reminiscent of the punky, pared-down guitars and percussion of the Chilli Peppers’ early-90s hit album “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” – though this is a folky, softer, updated version that retains the foot-tapping energy of that rockier style. “Peaches and Cream” saw Butler deploying some scat-style jazzy vocal harmonising, which is surely evidence of a confident musician at work. The night’s highlight, “Ocean”, performed impeccably, was spellbinding in its entirety.

Encore numbers were well-judged outings for a lively new track from ‘Flesh and Blood’ called “Livin in the City”, a grungily upbeat number with a catchy guitar riff and refrain. The Trio finished off with successful 2006 single “Funky Tonight” and its appropriately anthemic guitar and drums intro. The track shows off the musical versatility of the group very well, segueing through drum and guitar solos to build to a crescendo, the audience showing their appreciation by clapping and singing along wildly. All in all, a very lively and engaging band who deserve to have wider popular recognition for their catchy tunes and musical prowess."

Any chance you could help start building this setlist? Take a look at the other shows on the UK leg of the tour to see the basic order and selection of songs (they have a steady set of ~15 songs with 2 or 3 songs rotated night-to-night.

My ticket and wrist band says they were full trio shows

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