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Thanks, I've changed it.
If the venue or location doesn't exist yet, best fill in Aalborg in the search box, then you get all concerts which were played in the city.
Then you click on a venue, you end up with all the concert played at that specific venue in that city.
Click on add 'City' venue, fill in the name.
Go back to add or edit setlist, erase or write the new venue (which normally automatically fills up if you fist write city and the first letters of the venue)
Then save setlist, click on edit tour or festival, fill in the name of the tour and or festival, then fill in the dates for the festival.
Was this festival only on Saturday?
Thanks for helping.

Please use exact location or venue for Limfjordsfestivalen instead of festival name

Hahaha! That is indeed a little strange surprise, that two from Flensburg are fixing the setlist of EARL and Bryan Ferry in Hamburg! Funny!
Thanks for the offer! Yes, a Coffee probably would fit! But I am a little bit busy at the moment.
So, I don't have much spare time at the moment!
Probably next weekend?
I have a Facebook Account, too.
If you look for "Norbert Stefani", that's me.
So, you could reach me through the messenger.

Took another look at your listed concerts.
Seems to me, that you might be danish!
If so, it's a little bit funny, because I am from Flensburg! But sorry, I don't speak Dansk!
Except some words:

Mange tak! Farvel!

Thanks for your answer! Interesting!
Never heard of the link you send me!
I think I have to get some more Informations about that Organisation before I install an Account! :-)
By the way, well done!
It was surprising how close I have been to the Track Titles with my notes, not knowing anything of her before! :-)
Hope, I could find the solution to the last unknown Track after her Album Release!
I bought the Voucher for the new CD with the Tongue Tied Single Track CD at the concert!

Thanks, again and have nice concerts in the Future!

Thanks for adding EARL, where do you get the missing Songtitles from?

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