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Any chance you have a ticket stub for the Tortoise show at Lee's Palace on March 12, 2016? If so would you part with it? I am looking for a stub to be used in an art project.


Hey - heads up since I asked this before re Matt Good meet and greets where he was playing 4 song sets for his VIP pass holders - setlist.fm staff have told me if a song is played for a VIP it shouldn't be on a main set because it wasn't part of the main concert for all ticket holders- it can either be added as a second set if there's a separate show (awkward when it's just one song like Metric tonight) or you can add a note. Annoying for stats (sigh) but a mod's bound to edit it eventually. :)

RE: BSS at The New Farm. Thanks for updating- I'd written "Fuzz" purely as a placeholder and I knew it was wrong, but couldn't for the life of me remember the correct song titles. Beer may have been involved.

Mine's not nearly as accurate

Based on your previous concert listings, you must have rather enjoyed today's band list - thanks for the Do Make Say Think update, I'm terrible if I don't have a lyric to reference!

Hey, re: BSS show at Sound Academy. I don't have a recording. I was writing down the songs on my phone as they were played and I recall later confirming against a setlist another concert-goer grabbed. I don't actually have a setlist or even a photo of one or a recording, so if you're confident in your order, feel free to restore. All the songs are there and I'm not going to be that fussed about the order :). Thanks!

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