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Hi, I deleted the July 5, 2002 David Bowie show in London since he was in Denmark on that date. Can you please let me know what other shows you think are wrong?

Hello there,
I was wondering whether you could send me the ticket stub of the Stray Cats show at the Peppermint Beach Club in 1992 ??


I am working on a Stray Cats ticket stub archive and that would be a very nice addition!


Hey, I run the website Stray Cats Collector's and it would be fantastic to know whether you have attended this show by the Cats in Viriginia Beach.

Other sources claim that on this very same date, 17 July 1992, they played at The Boathouse in Norfolk VA.

Could you confirm where the Stray Cats played?? That would be a great deal of help for the Stray Cats Tour Archive

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