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Thanks again for your reply! Hahaha! Very funny Kick Ass Story! :-)
If they really made two Shows that day, they will remember, I hope and guess!
I will see them on 18th of August again.
In 2008 the Band members decided to split for their own projects. They re-united in 2013 for 1 Concert at the Expo in Hannover, Germany!
This Year they re-united first for one Concert in a Stadium in Hannover to celebrate their 30th Anniversary!
They didn't expected the run for the Tickets and were Sold Out within minutes! So the 2nd and 3rd Gig followed! The Inner Circle was Sold Out within minutes, too! I am not sure, but I think all 3 ended up beeing Sold Out or nearly Sold Out!
I think the capacity of the Stadium is 25.000! While rehearsing they also wrote a new Song and enjoyed playing together again! A Video came out to promote the new Song. This had been a success, so they released a Best Of Box with 2 regular Best Of CDs, a Bonus CD with 6 new Songs plus 2 Remixes and a DVD with a Making Of and the new Videos to the Singles!
The 3 Concerts were followed by an Open Air 30 Years Anniversary Tour in Germany, mostly in big Arenas! They had so much fun doing this, so they decided doing an Acoustic Concert at a Small Venue in Hamburg, Germany. This was recorded and will be released next! Followed by an Acoustic Tour in small venues in Germany!
Afterwards they announced to go their own ways again! Their Success this Year is remarkable! The Anniversary Best Of reached number 2 in the regular Album Charts!!! Most Shows had been Sold Out!!! Both Tours will probably be seen by Minimum of half a Million visitors at the end!

thanks so much for your reply and especially for the link! :-)
That is difficult!
Well, I have to ask the Band though!
Maybe, they did both Gigs? I saw the Flight would have taken less than 2 hours! So, It might be possible!
Do you remember the time they were on stage in Cleveland?
It must have been early, I would guess, because of the other Supporters mentioned at the Link.

Hi, you have added a Concert of Fury in the Slaughterhouse in Cleveland on 23rd of July 1994. Are You sure of the Date and the Location?
I ask, because I have a T-Shirt stating the Date for being in Atlanta. And they have been the Support for Meat Loaf at his american Tour leg, who is also listed for that Date in Atlanta! So, there must be something wrong with your adding, I supposed. Could you, please, check this out. If you have made a mistake and didn't use your entry for a correction, I would like to change it to Atlanta. Would be very kind, if you could contact me on this to tell me what to do. Thanks a lot in advance!

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