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Hey, Wingo. Didn't mean to offend with naming the Fixx tour. Many of us find it helpful to list the official tour names. If you look at the Fixx statistics page, I am not the first to do this:

Their official site lists it as the "Summer 2017 Tour":

Certain bands do not name their tours. Duran Duran for example. Keep on listin' Brah!


Yes, I've seen the Fixx many times. They are announcing new tour dates for this summer, with English Beat, Psych Furs and B-52s! A good friend of mine, also in Germany, is a huge fan. Join us on the The Fixx page on Facebook.

Yes, 1983, at the Rainbow Music Hall in Denver - recorded for MTV Friday Night Concerts. I am 57 ;)

And 1983 your first concert! Wich probably means you're quiet in my age! I just had my 50th Birthday!

Oh, just saw 14 times The Fixx! Now it's very understandable! So, you really are a Fan! Respect! Just like Manfred Mann's Earth Band or Marillion for me!
I will see, what I can do for you! Promissing nothing, but hoping for something!
Hope you got nice weather, I guess, in California! We should have Spring here in Northern Germany, but it's still freezing in the nights!

Thank you! I have never heard "Crucified" live. So someday, if you are able, that would be very nice, thank you!


Thanks for your Request!
I saw it coming after I added the Info!
Sorry, but at the time there is no chance for me to make a copy of the tape, or to digitalize it, because of missing of the hardware!
It you don't mind, I will leave your message where you left it as a reminder, so I can give it a second chance later! But this will probably take a very long time!
I just heard it a few minuits ago. Don't expect too much! It's only half of the complete Concert - Tracks 1 to 11 or 12! And one of the songs had a break in between, caused by important Car Drivers News! In the Beginning and the End there is the german commentary from the Radio Moderator!
Hope to make it someday to a copy for you! Probably best in digitalizing the tape to get it transferred easier!
I hope you are not to satisfied about that answer by now! SO SORRY!