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RE: Prince Bandroom / Prince of Wales

I'm going to leave the two venues as-is for the moment. Technically, "Prince Bandroom" is more correct, as this is the name of the performance area itself. Moreover, if I removed the Prince Bandroom venue from the database, it is bound to be re-added by someone anyway. FWIW, I've been adding Australian concerts to the database here, and it wasn't until recently that I realised that the Prince Bandroom is housed within the Prince of Wales.

It's not an uncommon situation for the name of the complex housing various performance areas to be used (incorrectly). eg. Sydney Opera House - I'm sure many of these actually belong under "Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House":

So, if you would like to see consistency in SFK's setlists, then please feel free to move correct setlists from Prince of Wales to the Prince Bandroom.

What is your opinion on me renaming "Prince Bandroom" to "Prince Bandroom, Prince of Wales" - like I have done with all the venues within the Sydney Opera House? This could aid some confusion and help fix consistency...

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