1000FRYD Aalborg Concert Setlists

City Aalborg, North Jutland, Denmark
Also known as 100fryd
Nov 21 2020
Feb 1 2020

Spurv at 1000FRYD, Aalborg, Denmark

  1. Fra dypet under stenen
  2. Mellom broen og elven
  3. Et blekt lys lyder
  4. Gamle årringer
  5. Passacaglia (fugler med ord i nebbet)
  6. Og ny skog bæres frem
  7. Med enormt håp
  8. Allting far sin ende, ogsa natten
Jan 7 2020

Cannabis Corpse at 1000FRYD, Aalborg, Denmark

  1. Conquerors of Chronageddon
  2. Chronolith
  3. Baptized in Bud
  4. Blunt Force Domain
  5. Immortal Pipes
  6. Disposal of the Baggy
  7. Cylinders of Madness
  8. Staring Through My Eyes That Are Red
  9. Dawn of Weed Possession
  10. Where the Kind Lives
  11. From Enslavement to Hydrobliteration
  12. Fucked With Northern Lights
  13. ...

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