13th & Broadway San Diego Concert Setlists

City San Diego, CA, United States
Jun 11 1994

Propagandhi at 13th & Broadway, San Diego, CA, USA

  1. Stick the Fucking Flag Up Your Goddam Ass, You Sonofabitch
  2. Oka Everywhere
  3. Fück Machine
  4. The Woe‐Is‐Me‐I'm‐So‐Misunderstood‐Song
  5. Nailing Descartes to the Wall / (LIQUID) Meat Is Still Murder
  6. Haillie Sellasse, Up Your Ass
  7. ...And We Thought That Nation-States Were a Bad Idea
  8. Anti-Manifesto
  9. Middle Finger Response
  10. Mutual Friend

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