171A New York Concert Setlists

City New York, NY, United States

171 Avenue A
New York, New York


An abandoned building that became the center of the early NYC Hardcore scene: https://doyouknowhardcore.com/tag/171a/

Jun 14 1981

Angry Samoans at 171A, New York, NY, USA

  1. Steak Knife
  2. Right Side of My Mind
  3. Haizman's Brain Is Calling
  4. Permanent Damage
  5. Pictures of Matchstick Men
  6. Homo-Sexual
  7. You Stupid Jerk
  8. They Saved Hitler's Cock
  9. Hot Cars
  10. Inside My Brain
  11. You Stupid Asshole
  12. Get Off the Air
  13. ...

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