20 Grand Detroit Concert Setlists

City Detroit, MI, United States

5020 14th Street
Detroit, MI 48208

Open 1953 - 1976
Also known as 20 Grand Club, The 20 Grand, The New Twenty Grand, Twenty Grand Club, Went Grand
Jul 4 1982

Parliament at 20 Grand, Detroit, MI, USA

  1. Alice in My Fantasies
  2. Cosmic Slop
  3. Bustin' Loose
  4. Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker)
  5. Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples
  6. The Electric Spanking of War Babies
  7. Mothership Connection (Star Child) / I Call My Baby Pussy Cat / Take Your Dead Ass Home / Mr Wiggles / Rumpofsteelskin / Every Thing Is On The One /
  8. Flash Light
  9. (Not Just) Knee Deep
  10. Standing on the Verge of Getting It On

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