8mm Bar Berlin Concert Setlists

City Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Nov 17 2021

The Brian Jonestown Massacre at 8mm Bar, Berlin, Germany

  1. Charmkins Attack
  2. The Real
  3. You Think I'm Joking?
  4. #1 Lucky Kitty
  5. Wait a Minute (2:30s to be exact)
  6. Don't Let Me Get in Your Way
  7. Do Rainbows Have Ends?
  8. The Mother of All Fuckers
  9. The Future Is Your Past
  10. Your Mind Is My Cafe
  11. Where Do We Go From Here?
  12. Abandon Ship
Jan 16 2020

Mint Mind at 8mm Bar, Berlin, Germany

  1. Alcoholicity
  2. Park and Ride
  3. I Love a Good Queue
  4. A Road Best Traveled
  5. The Hassle From the Man
  6. I'll Move Atoms For You
  7. I Grew a Beard
  8. Objects Are Closer Than Appearance
  9. Brother, You're Not My Brother
  10. Thoughtsicles
  11. In Series or Parallel?
  12. A New England

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