ageHa Tokyo Concert Setlists

City Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

2-2-10 Shinkiba
Japan *

Open 2002 - 31 January 2022

Currentry, ageHa is treated like a venue name.
Originally, ageHa was a name of special events hosted by STUDIO COAST, rather than a venue name.
The event has been set only on Friday, Saturday and the day before national holidays of Japan.
ageHa was closed on 31 January 2022, due to closing of USEN STUDIO COAST.

Also known as ageHa @ STUDIO COAST
Apr 7 2018

Lost Frequencies at ageHa, Tokyo, Japan

  1. Lift Me Up
  2. Funky'n Brussels
  3. Send Her My Love
  4. What Is Love 2016
  5. Dying Bird
  6. In Too Deep
  7. Reality
  8. Hey Hey Hey
  9. All or Nothing
  10. Here With You
  11. Stop It
  12. Freed From Desire
  13. ...

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