Allegheny Commons Park Pittsburgh Concert Setlists

City Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Jul 23 2022

amoeba knievel at Deutschtown Music Festival 2022

  1. The Ballad of Tommy Amoeba
  2. City of Domes
  3. Six String Starship
  4. The Nine Billion Names of God
  5. Pete Shelley In an SUV
  6. David Geffen
  7. Rock 'n Roll Gestalt on the San Andreas Fault
  8. The Legend of Cowboy Ed (and His Caterpillar)
  9. Mad Magazine
  10. TV Temple
  11. Broken Record
Jul 13 2019

Chip & The Charge Ups at Deutschtown Music Festival 2019

  1. Front Row
  2. Dancing With Myself
  3. Unbreakable
  4. Good Riddance, Fallen Angel
  5. Glory
  6. Mr. Brightside
  7. This Bomb Ain't Gonna Light Itself
  8. She's Kerosene
  9. Sunshine, Take Me Away
  10. The Tide Is High
  11. The Ol' Two Niner

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