Amuz Antwerp Concert Setlists

City Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium
Sep 21 2019

Officium Triste at Amuz, Antwerp, Belgium

  1. The End Is Nigh
  2. World in Flames
  3. The Sun Doesn't Shine Anymore
  4. My Charcoal Heart
  5. Just Smoke and Mirrors
  6. On The Crossroads Of Souls
  7. To the Gallows
  8. Shackles
  9. Like a Flower in the Desert
  10. Like Atlas
  11. Losing Ground
Feb 3 2018

Clouds at Amuz, Antwerp, Belgium

  1. You Went So Silent
  2. Nothing But a Name
  3. In the Ocean of My Tears
  4. The Wind Carried Your Soul
  5. In This Empty Room
  6. Driftwood
  7. If These Walls Could Speak

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