Anarchy Brew Co Newcastle Concert Setlists

City Newcastle, England
Feb 4 2023

Anchor Lane at Anarchy Brew Co, Newcastle, England

Set Times:
Start: 9:00 PM
  1. Stutter
  2. Call This A Reality?
  3. I've Been Waiting
  4. The Mischievous Song
  5. Choke
  6. Electric Karma
  7. I Don't Have Another Soul To Pour
May 29 2022

Eternal Champion at Anarchy Brew Co, Newcastle, England

  1. The Godblade
  2. A Face in the Glare
  3. Skullseeker
  4. The Armor of Ire
  5. The Last King of Pictdom
  6. Ravening Iron
  7. Coward’s Keep
  8. Awakened by the Dawn
  9. Worms of the Earth
  10. Banners of Arhai
  11. I Am the Hammer

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