Ancienne Belgique Brussels Concert Setlists

City Brussels, Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium

Ancienne Belgique, Anspachlaan 110, 1000 Brussel

Opened 1931

Closed for renovation works between August 1992 and December 5, 1995. Most concerts programmed during this period were at Luna Theater.

Also known as AB Ballroom, AB Box, AB Flex, AB Grote Zaal, AB Main Hall, AB Salle, AB Theater, AB Théâtre, ABBox, Ancienne Belgique Ballroom, Ancienne Belgique Box, Ancienne Belgique Flex, Ancienne Belgique Grote Zaal, Ancienne Belgique Main Hall, Ancienne Belgique Salle, Ancienne Belgique Theater, Ancienne Belgique Théâtre, Oud België
Mar 10 2020

Testament at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium

  1. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
  2. Eerie Inhabitants
  3. The Haunting
  4. The Preacher
  5. Brotherhood of the Snake
  6. The Pale King
  7. Children of the Next Level
  8. Into the Pit
  9. Practice What You Preach
  10. Over the Wall
  11. Disciples of the Watch

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