Austin City Limits Studio Austin Concert Setlists

City Austin, TX, United States

Studio 6A at KLRU Communications Building B
University of Texas at Austin
2504 Whitis Ave B
Austin, TX 78712


Home to the Austin City Limits TV series through the year 2010. Since 2011, episodes of Austin City Limits have been taped in ACL Live at the Moody Theater. Venue appears to still be used on the rare occasion for concerts at SXSW, etc.

Also known as ACL, KLRU TV Studio 6A, Studio 6A Communications Building B University of Texas Austin
Oct 7 2010

Sonic Youth at Austin City Limits Studio, Austin, TX, USA

  1. Schizophrenia
  2. Sacred Trickster
  3. No Way
  4. Calming the Snake
  5. Hey Joni
  6. Antenna
  7. Stereo Sanctity
  8. Leaky Lifeboat (for Gregory Corso)
  9. Poison Arrow
  10. Anti-Orgasm
  11. What We Know
  12. Massage the History
  13. ...

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