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Bart's Mart Charlotte Concert Setlists

City Charlotte, NC, United States
Jul 10 2022

Home Is Where at Bart's Mart, Charlotte, NC, USA

  1. Skin Meadow
  2. the scientific classification of stingrays
  3. venison
  4. assisted harakiri
  5. every day feels like 9/11
  6. sewn together from the membrane of the great sea cucumber
Dec 10 2021

Jhariah at Bart's Mart, Charlotte, NC, USA

  1. Needed a Change of Pace
  3. Whose Eye Is It Anyway???
  4. BAD LUCK!
  5. Sunsets (Resilience)
  6. Knives are Dangerous, Kid, So Cut the Theatrics
  7. Mama
  8. Flight of the Crows

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