B.B. & T Center Grounds Sunrise Concert Setlists

City Sunrise, FL, United States (near Fort Lauderdale)
Jul 4 2017

The Romantics at B.B. & T Center Grounds, Sunrise, FL, USA

  1. When I Look In Your Eyes
  2. Rock You Up
  3. A Night Like This
  4. Judy Be Mine (Friday at the Hideout)
  5. We've Gotta Get Out of This Place
  6. Talking In Your Sleep
  7. Stone Pony
  8. Tomboy
  9. She's Got Everything
  10. What I Like About You
Jul 4 2015

The Fixx at B.B. & T Center Grounds, Sunrise, FL, USA

  1. Red Skies
  2. How Much Is Enough?
  3. Driven Out
  4. Are We Ourselves?
  5. Beautiful Friction
  6. One Thing Leads to Another
  7. Built for the Future
  8. Treasure It
  9. Stand or Fall
  10. Deeper and Deeper
  11. Saved by Zero
  12. Secret Separation

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