Bela Dubby Cleveland Concert Setlists

City Cleveland, OH, United States
Nov 23 2007

Weird Paul Petroskey at Bela Dubby, Cleveland, OH, USA

  1. What I'm Gonna Do to You
  2. Cold Drinks
  3. Pay for Your Tacos Quickly and Securely
  4. I Dropped My Almond Joy Bar
  5. Bowl Cut
  6. Robot Armor
  7. I Got Drunk at Chuck E. Cheese
  8. Human Eye
  9. Only the Good Eat Cake
  10. If You Choose Rock 'n Roll
  11. More Time for MySpace
  12. Wine Coolers
Nov 3 2007

Satan's God at Bela Dubby, Cleveland, OH, USA

  1. Tornado/Cornucopia/Epilogue
  2. The Evolution Waterfall
  3. Oceans On Fire
  4. Wicked Arrival Of Nazi Aliens
  5. Presentation(Symbolic Nase)Numb Retaliation
  6. Human Lungs

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