Boston Music Room London Concert Setlists

City London, England

178 Junction Rd
London N19 5QQ
United Kingdom


Hosted the Dirty Water Club nights from October 1996 to 19 June 2009

Also known as Dirty Water Club, The Boston Music Room
Jan 12 2020

Melechesh at Boston Music Room, London, England

  1. Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged
  2. Ladders to Sumeria
  3. Grand Gathas of Baal Sin
  4. Deluge of Delusional Dreams
  5. Multiple Truths
  6. Defeating the Giants
  7. Triangular Tattvic Fire
  8. Ghouls of Nineveh
  9. Rebirth of the Nemesis: Enuma Elish Rewritten
  10. The Pendulum Speaks

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