Brick by Brick San Diego Concert Setlists

City San Diego, CA, United States

1130 Buenos Avenue
San Diego, CA 92110

Opened 1995

Formerly the Spirit that opened as a club called the Spirit of '76, named for the year it opened.

Also known as Brick X Brick
Mar 17 2023

Candlemass at Brick by Brick, San Diego, CA, USA

  1. Marche Funebre
  2. Mirror Mirror
  3. Bewitched
  4. Under the Oak
  5. The Bells of Acheron
  6. Dark Are the Veils of Death
  7. Samarithan
  8. Sweet Evil Sun
  9. Bearer of Pain
  10. Crystal Ball
  11. The Well of Souls
  12. A Sorcerer's Pledge
  13. ...

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