C-Mine Cultuurcentrum Genk Genk Concert Setlists

City Genk, Flanders, Belgium
Apr 8 2017

Grandaddy at Little Waves 2017

  1. "Yeah" Is What We Had
  2. Laughing Stock
  3. Way We Won't
  4. The Crystal Lake
  5. Evermore
  6. Jed's Other Poem (Beautiful Ground)
  7. Levitz
  8. A.M. 180
  9. My Small Love
  10. I Don't Wanna Live Here Anymore
  11. He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot
  12. Now It's On
Feb 24 2017

10cc at C-Mine Cultuurcentrum Genk, Genk, Belgium

  1. The Wall Street Shuffle
  2. Art for Art's Sake
  3. Life Is a Minestrone
  4. The Dean and I
  5. Good Morning Judge
  6. Clockwork Creep
  7. Old Wild Men
  8. Feel the Benefit
  9. The Things We Do for Love
  10. Silly Love
  11. Somewhere in Hollywood
  12. Baron Samedi
  13. ...

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