C.C. Niza Lima Concert Setlists

City Lima, Lima, Peru
Jun 24 2015

Metalucifer at C.C. Niza, Lima, Peru

  1. Heavy Metal Is My Way
  2. Heavy Metal Drill
  3. Heavy Metal Chainsaw
  4. Heavy Metal Bulldozer
  5. Wolf Man
  6. Heavy Metal Highway Rider
  7. Warriors Again
  8. Warriors Ride on the Chariots
  9. Heavy Metal Samurai
  10. Heavy Metal Hunter (Part 3)
  11. Flight of Iron Pegasus
Apr 5 2013

Massacre at C.C. Niza, Lima, Peru

  1. Dawn of Eternity
  2. Biohazard
  3. Defeat Remains
  4. As We Wait to Die
  5. Chamber of Ages
  6. Shield of the Son
  7. From Beyond
  8. Succumb to Rapture
  9. Succubus
  10. Back from Beyond
  11. Corpse Grinder
  12. Mutilation

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